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"Empty Chair"

When are we finally going to say enough is enough?

It's only February and we've already had 18 shootings in our nation's schools and in 2017 there were over 50.

From the Republicans in the White House, all we get are thoughts and prayers. But never a single word about trying to come up with legislation to stop this violence and start working on sensible gun control.

The reason, of course, isn't that they want to see our children slaughtered but their greed is more powerful. The NRA has donated millions and millions of dollars to political campaigns.

With having 6 grandchildren a daughter and a daughter-in-law who are teachers, I really worry about this awful cycle of violence in schools.

Back in 2006, there was a school shooting in Lancaster, PA at a quiet Amish schoolhouse that really moved me. It left me with such a great feeling of sadness and despair that I created a photograph to depict my feelings.

I was really hoping never to have to show it as it was just my way of coping with this devastating event.

But now those feelings are back and also feelings of anger towards the Republicans who will do nothing to stop this slaughter from happening.

So, I am posting it here, not for accolades, but in the hope, people will view it and voice their disgust and outrage at our politicians.

These senseless killings of our children must end, Now!

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