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Boudoir Photography Workshop


This workshop was such a success I'll be hosting it again in the late Fall.

A three-hour workshop where you’ll learn how to pose and light a professional model for drama and aesthetic beauty.

Michael will start from the basics of respect and communicating with your model, to posing and lighting to create the desired feeling of your photograph. You'll learn that your model is a collaborator in this workshop where they can help influence the final image.

A variety of lighting techniques will be demonstrated with how to modify the light to enhance your subject. From full length to a detailed body shot, from silhouette to dramatic edge lighting, you'll learn how to create these lighting effects with multiple lighting sources And also, see how different poses bend and curve the light on the figure to create different moods and feelings.

Michael's instruction will last about three hours but then you will have the chance to work with our model, one on one.

Plus as an added bonus there will be a Zoom workshop with Michael on how he retouches his nude images, including ways to convert to black and white.

Must be at least 21 years of age.


Michael Barone is an award-winning photographer and has been photographing fine art nudes for over 35 years after getting his start with Playboy of Atlantic City. He has received national and international acclaim for his nudes and has had numerous exhibitions and two self-published books. He has taught numerous workshops for the professional Photographers of America, Montgomery, and Bucks County school districts and the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA


The model for the workshop Angela Alderman

Portrait Workshop_Angela-glamour.jpg
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